No One Said It Would Be Easy

We know – No One Said It Would Be Easy

So, this happened.  Apparently, the GOP leadership in the House was able to twist enough arms and break enough kneecaps to get a four-vote margin on the reprehensible AHCA. 

 The House bill will strip $1 trillion from health care and increase premiums to the point that over 24 million Americans will no longer be able to afford health insurance.  But at least billionaires will get $600 billion in tax cuts, so I guess we can relax.

  Sarcasm aside, no one ever said it would be easy resisting these guys (and they are overwhelmingly guys).  There is lots of talk about how it only passed because the House knew the Senate will kill the bill, but there is no guarantee on it. 

 This is no time to rest.  Keep resisting.

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