Crushing Conservative Myths

The vocal conservatives are fond of telling us how patriotic and law-and-order abiding they are and what treasonous bastards liberals are.  The claims have become mythic in their stature.

However, it occurred to me today that, during my own short lifetime, GOP administrations have been involved in the following treason and crimes:

Nixon: Watergate + the now revealed treachery of intentionally extending the Vietnam War to improve his election chances;

Reagan: Iran-Contra, in which a dozen senior White House aides were indicted for lying to Congress, selling arms to Iran and then giving the money to the drug-running Contras in Nicaragua; they were all pardoned by Bush I;

George Bush the 1st:  The 1st Iraq War, brought on when Bush’s ambassador to Iraq basically gave Saddam Hussein the go-ahead to invade Kuwait;

George Bush the 2nd: Lied to get us into the second Iraq War, costing us thousands of American lives and trillions of dollars, all for oil.

During that same lifetime, Democratic administrations have been involved in the following crimes:

Clinton: Lied about getting a blow-job from an intern.

So, tell me again, vocal conservatives, how law-abiding and patriotic your party is?

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