Party Over Country

So, in the last couple weeks, this has happened:

  • Attorney General Jeff Sessions ‘testified’ before Congress regarding Comey, Trump and his meetings with Russian diplomat Sergei Kislyak that he somehow ‘forgot’ to add to his disclosure forms. I used quotes around testify because he did far more stonewalling than testifying;
  • Special Counsel Robert Mueller has brought on seasoned investigators experienced in government malfeasance and is trying to determine not just whether the Russians interfered with the 2016 election (we know now that they did), but whether the President or his associates were in collusion with them. Whether they were, you know… traitors.

Read that last point again: The President and his closest associates are being investigated for suspicion of treason.  This is incredible; as someone who lived through Nixon and Watergate, let me just tell you that this is far, far worse.  Up until this year, we all thought Nixon and his criminal gang were the worst in US history.  Whatever kind of criminal Nixon was, no one ever accused him of colluding with a foreign government to commit treason.

In any other administration, all of this would be cause to think that impeachment charges for the President were close and getting closer.  If this were a Democratic administration, in fact, the impeachment papers would already have been filed by the GOP leadership in the House.

This not any other administration, however; it is one back-stopped and protected by a Republican Party that has, for the past 8 years and counting, put their party over the good of the country every single time on every single issue.  Their whole reaction to Trump and his team’s antics has been a combination of silent ‘meh’ shrugs and making excuses for him (“He’s new at this, leave the poor boy alone!”).

While we expect and deserve more even from the likes of such political hacks and self-dealers as Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell, here is the really crucial part:

Unless the GOP-controlled House of Representatives brings impeachment charges, nothing is going to happen.

Burn that into your mind: When the time comes, the party that consistently puts party over country is the one that has to bring impeachment charges on a Republican President, for the good of the country.  You see why I’m concerned?  House Speaker Paul Ryan actually defends Trump’s actions, like they are perfectly normal.  You think he’s going to allow impeachment proceedings to come to the floor?

Of course not; Ryan won’t do a thing unless he’s forced to do it by the rest of us.  And that is the point here: If and when the time comes, if and when the evidence is in and it is as bad as it looks like it is going to be, Ryan and his GOP buddies in Congress are going to have to be pressured to do the right thing.  That means each and every one of us is going to have to have our voices heard.  Each and every one of us will have one job: Let the GOP members of Congress know that we’re watching.  Let them know we expect them to do the right thing for once.  We need to let them know that we’re all watching and won’t stand for a cover-up or no action.


We need to let them know: Country over party.


 Not sure how to get started?

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