Days we Ship

We ship Mondays – Fridays. (excluding Holidays)

Printing Time

Printing normally takes 3 business days to complete. That includes the time to properly dry your items and quality check them before carefully wrapping and shipping them to your door!

Shipping Charges (Domestic)

For all orders shipping to normal US addresses (Including Hawaii, but sorry, not Puerto Rico) all shipping costs are included in the pricing.

Extra Fast Shipping?

We can ship with UPS for those “gotta have it now”! moments. Just drop us an email, or call us during business hours and we can arrange it. There is an additional charge for expedited shipping.

Shipping Charges (International)

We can send items internationally. We simply need to know what you want to send and where it is going. We will check with our shippers and get an exact quote for you. We don’t mark it up. Your cost is exactly what we pay.

Most online shop charge large made up fees to send internationally. We won’t do that. We know this makes a little extra work for everyone, but you really deserve to be treated fairly.

Please contact us (by email or phone) if you want to send something internationally. 


Please contact us by email: or call  (424) 666-2412 (weekdays 10am to 6pm Eastern time)

Thank you,